Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Start-Ups in Publishing: Disrupting, Unbundling and Decentralizing the Traditional Publishing Model

Start-Ups in Publishing:
Disrupting, Unbundling and Decentralizing

April 1, 2013, New York, NY

#pubpt Speaking on Trends in Publishing: Publishers, Publishers Services and Startups: Union Square Ventures, DailyLit, Plympton, Ganxy, narrative.ly, 29th Street Publishing, Ziggeo, Medium, Zola, Open Air, and social network analyst and author Maksim Tsvetovat.

Albert Wenger, Managing Director at Union Square Ventures and cofounder of DailyLit  kicked  off the Publishing Point event, which was organized by Susan Danziger and Jennifer 8. Lee,  with a presentation on trends in the publishing industry.  Wenger spoke about the decentralizing, disrupting and unbundling of the publishing model due to the internet. 

Examples of new models included funding from crowdsourcing including www.kickstarter.com and www.indiegogo.com. as well as venture capital funds. He cited 3000 books funded by Kickstarter, calling that a relatively small yet significant example of unbundling. He commented that books are still published in a recognizable state but that that is not necessarily the end state.  Models more native to the net will  emerge he posited, pointing out Daily Lit and Wattpad as examples and  others serving a variety of publishing functions including: Elance.https://www.elance.com/ , Behance.http://www.behance.net/  and Storybird.  

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