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Where Are The Women CEOs In The Book Industry?

Where are the Women CEOs in the Book Industry?

By Susannah Greenberg Susannah 

Three recent news stories and the subsequent media coverage of them have me thinking about gender equality in the workplace and more specifically in the book industry: 

Pioneering Woman Astronaut Sally Ride's passing and posthumous coming out;
and Anne-Marie Slaughter's article in the Atlantic Why Women Still Can't Have It All.

How far have we really come nearly 50 years after the passage of the Equal Pay Act in 1963 and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which banned sex discrimination at work? How far have we come from the days of Sally Ride's flight into space, the first for an American woman? How far if it still makes headlines that a woman, a pregnant woman, is made CEO in Silicon Valley? How far if it is still a matter of heated debate in the wake of the Atlantic article as to whether women can work and be mothers?   
My thoughts then turned to our own industry, which I am proud to be a part of, but it is not above the fray. Is there a glass ceiling in the book world? Do women in the book industry have an equal chance to rise to the top? How many women as they mature, gain experience and qualify for more senior management positions are forced to drop out, or start their own small businesses, because of the gender pay gap, the pyramid effect, or the lack of affordable childcare? Where are the women CEOs? Are women proportionately represented among the CEO ranks in an industry mostly populated by women?   
To be sure there are women CEOs in some key leadership roles in book publishing: Gina Centrello of Random House, Marjorie Scardino at Pearson, and Carolyn Reidy at Simon & Schuster, come to mind.
However, the Publishers Weekly Salary Survey of 2009, the most recent available online, shows a serious pay gap between men and women, and also that although women are the majority (85%) of the employees at the entry level, they do not hold the majority of leadership positions.
Publishers Weekly Salary Survey of 2009:
  • Women avg. pay: $64,600
  • Men avg. pay: $105,130
  • 85% of employees with fewer than three years of experience were women. The only area where men outnumber women is in management, where the highest paying jobs are found.
What can be done? For one thing, women in publishing must be encouraged to keep up with the digital revolution transforming the book industry, from ebooks to Internet book selling, to social media marketing. This is one reason for the panels on digital books and online book marketing which I have been organizing for the Women's National Book Association New York City Chapter since 2009, (like this one in March 2012 which was written up in Publishers Weekly) which not only provide valuable information but also hold forth the role models of women succeeding in the digital realm within our industry. For another, while progress is being made, we should not become too comfortable and complacent with women's achievements in the book industry. We need to be vigilant and to continue to demand more progress or risk losing more ground. Battles can and are still being fought for women's equality and won; like the passage of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009.

The full moral and spiritual transformation toward justice that will allow equality in the workplace, including the book industry, equality that will benefit women, men, and families--equality for women, for gays and lesbians, for minorities, for people of different races, religions and cultures, for the disabled, for parents, for aging workers -- is slow in coming. Until then, organizations like the Women's National Book Association fulfill an important mission for women's equality, one WNBA has been fulfilling since its founding nearly 100 years ago: women helping other women succeed in this book business.
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Susannah Greenberg is a past president and past publicity chair of The Women's National Book Association of New York City, and columnist for The New York Bookwoman. She is the president of a book publicity firm, Susannah Greenberg Public Relations. She can be reached atpublicity@bookbuzz.comTwitter @suegreenbergprFacebookLinkedIn or via her blog: Susannah recently read: The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America's Great Migration by Isabel Wilkerson. (Reviewed below by Fatima Shaik.)
Please get in touch with Susannah at with your comments on this article or if you can point to more data which shows what percentage of CEOs in the book industry are women. Continue the conversation on Twitter with hashtag: #wnbadiscuss.  

This article was originally published in the September 2012 New York Bookwoman, the newsletter of the Women's National Book Association New York City Chapter.  

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"HOME GROWN AUTHOR NIGHT", July 21, Oaksterdam University: ANNOUNCING: "HOME GROWN" Author Night, July 21, 6 ...

"HOME GROWN AUTHOR NIGHT", July 21, Oaksterdam University: ANNOUNCING: "HOME GROWN" Author Night, July 21, 6 ...: General Public Release Tuesday, June 19  OAKLAND, CA. ------  The public is invited to Oaksterdam University, Saturday, July 21, from 6...

This event includes author Greg Campbell, author of POT INC.: Inside Medical Marijuana, America's Most Outlaw Industry.

 Greg Campbell.  Photo by Eric Bellamy.

A review of POT INC. :

Media interested in arranging an interview with Greg Campbell, or receiving a review copy, may contact me, Susannah Greenberg, Public Relations at

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BookExpo America 2012: Beyond The Hunger Games: YA Book Marketing and Public Relations Strategies

BookExpo America 2012: 

Beyond The Hunger Games: Young Adult Book Marketing and Public Relations Strategies

Tuesday, June 5, 2012, Javits Center, NY, NY.  The panel I organized and moderated at BookExpo America 2012 on Tuesday morning was standing room only and the panelists were outstanding!

Photo by Publishers Weekly 
Panelists were (left to right):

Becky Anderson, Anderson's Bookshops;

Derry Wilkens, Sourcebooks;

Michelle Renaud, Harlequin;

Michelle F. Bayuk, Albert Whitman.

Back row, standing:
Susannah Greenberg, Susannah Greenberg Public Relations, moderated and organized.

My own report on this panel to come.

Publishers Weekly covered it:

In GalleyCat! (June 11, 2012):

My photos of the Sourcebooks exhibition booth on the floor of BookExpo America:

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Audies Gala, New York Historical Society, June 5, 2012, Photos

BookExpo America 2012: 

Audies Gala and Awards Presentation 

Below are my photos of the Audie Awards Gala for audiobooks, on June 5, 2012, at the New York Historical Society, New York, NY.   

This year I had the honor of being an Audie Award Judge, helping to select the Audiobook of the Year.The winner of the Audiobook of the Year was Bossypants by Tina Fey. The other finalists were American Gods: The Tenth Anniversary Edition by Neil Gaiman, read by Dennis Boutsikaris, Daniel Oreskes, Ron McLarty, Sarah Jones and a full cast; Go the F*** to Sleep by Adam Mansbach, read by Samuel L. Jackson; and Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, read by Dylan Baker.

As a judge, I received an invitation to this elegant soiree and a nice white ribbon to wear to signify that I was a judge.  

I also came to appreciate the pleasure of the theater, music and poetry that audio brings to books. What a wonderful experience it has been to become a part of the audiobook world.

Among my photos below, pictured first is Adam Boretz of Publishers Weekly who was covering the event for Publishers Weekly.

See the story Adam Boretz wrote about the Audies Awards in Publishers Weekly here:

Audies were also covered in the New York Times Artsbeat Blog:

and the Huffington Post:

The complete list of Audies Winners and Finalists:

Those pictured below include: "Neil Himself," Neil Gaiman, author of American Gods, one of the narrators in the full theatrical cast version audiobook of American Gods, a presenter last night, and an audiobook champion and enthusiast; actor Dylan Baker, narrator of the audio version of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson; Michele Lee Cobb, President of the Audio Publishers Association; and Audies Judges Committee Chair,  Ellen Myrick.

Adam Boretz

Neil Gaiman

Ellen Myrick

Michele Cobb

Cool book purse!

Dylan Baker, left. Neil Gaiman on right.

Jo Reed, left. Robin Whitten, AudioFile Publications, right.

The crowd before the Awards Ceremony began

Neil Gaiman

Megan Fitzpatrick, Associate Director, Marketing & Publicity at Hachette Audio/Hachette Digital

Dion Graham, Actor, Audiobook Narrator

Dylan Baker, Actor, Audiobook Narrator

Peter Berkrot, Actor, Audiobook Narrator

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BookExpo America Panel on Tuesday, June 5 at 11 AM: Beyond the Hunger Games: Young Adult Book PR & Marketing

Beyond The Hunger Games: 

Young Adult Book Marketing & Public Relations Strategies

A BookExpo America Educational Panel

11 AM - 11:50 AM
Date: Tuesday, June 5, 201211:00 am - 11:50 am
Location: 1E09
Javits Center, New York, NY

Young Adult books are a huge growth category in the book industry.  Hear from experts in the field about the burgeoning of YA book publishing and successful tactics for reaching the YA demographic.  

A generous amount of time will be allotted to interactive discussion amongst the panelists and with the audience. Please bring question.

The distinguished panelists are:

Becky Anderson, Owner, Anderson's Bookshop, 
Michelle F. Bayuk, Director of Marketing, Albert Whitman & Company,
Michelle Renaud, Senior Manager, Public Relations, Harlequin Enterprises Limited, 
Derry Wilkens,  Publicity Manager, Children’s & YA, Sourcebooks,

Susannah Greenberg of Susannah Greenberg Public Relations is moderator and organizer. Susannah helped launch the Albert Whitman Teen line of books in 2011 making media placements in the Wall Street Journal and on NPR. 

She publicized the indie press Middle Grade book Saltwater Taffy by Eric DelaBarre, getting him placements on NPR, in Scholastic Teacher magazine, and Wired Magazine's Geek Dads column. DelaBarre's book recently won the Silver Nautilus Book Award.

Greenberg represented the debut YA paranormal novel, The Veil by Cory Putman Oakes getting her dozens of book blogger reviews including one in The Pioneering Woman blog which has over 500,000 visitors per month.

Greenberg was a featured guest on the subject of YA book pr in an online Twitter chat with hundreds of YA writers and readers on YAlitchat,  a membership organization for those interested in fostering the advancement of young adult literature worldwide. It hosts a weekly live chat on Twitter and  has over 2500 members worldwide who are readers and writers of YA literature.

More about Susannah Greenberg Public Relations here:

I will blog about the panel afterwards here in this blog.  

Building the Buzz for Books - The New Book Publicity

Pictured from right to left are Susannah Greenberg, Patrick Brown and Jim Milliot, speaking  with attendees at uPublishU at BookExpo America, after their panel presentation on book publicity for the self-published author, "Building the Buzz for Books."

Building the Buzz for Books - The New Book Publicity was the name of the panel I moderated, organized and spoke at yesterday, Sunday June 3, 2012 at the new education event for self-published authors called uPublishU as part of the major annual book trade show BookExpo America, now underway at the Javits Center in New York, NY.  I will be posting the text of my presentation here soon!  The key points for book pr in my view are: 1) Advance planning is critical 2) Story is paramount. Create a mediagenic narrative about your book.  The media want a news story. 3) Be a media junkie.  Get inside the head of the journalists, producers and bloggers, to know who is interested in what and how they work.  Other tips included building your online presence  on social media and the internet, and to take advantage of the pr opportunities afforded by seasonal roundups like beach reads, holiday gift guides, Jewish Book Month and National Poetry Month.   More information about Susannah Greenberg Public Relations at

Patrick Brown, Community Manager of Goodreads, the social reading site, the largest community of readers online, spoke after me.  The growth at Goodreads is exponential he said with 9 million members now and 42,000 authors. He said ideally self-published authors should print advance review copies to try to get reviews on Goodreads, and they need to do this well in advance of publication date.  E-galleys are not yet accepted.  He said the measure of success or your goal should be the number of people who add your book to their virtual shelves on Goodreads and to get as many people as possible to review your book.  Every mention or review helps potential readers and book buyers to find your book.  The mentions and reviews also go to update feeds on Facebook and are deeply integrated with Facebook.  Goodreads also pushes reviews to other online media of bookstores and libraries and further, many bloggers cross post their reviews from Goodreads to their blogs.  The site also has an algorithmic book recommendation feature but that feature only starts when a book has several hundred reviews.  The new erotica New York Times best seller which Berkely just bought, Bared to You by Sylvia Day, was boosted in part by becoming linked algorithmically to 50 Shades of Grey, and receiving some 2500 reader reviews on Goodreads.  He concluded by recommending advance giveaways of ARCs (advance reading copies), to do the giveaways well in advance of publication date, to give people a long time to respond to the offer of review copies and to give away as many copies as possible, although there is no requirement for that and you may give away even only one copy.  More information on giveaways, (the service is free by the way), can be found at   Greenberg added it was an important first step for authors early on to also build their author profile on Goodreads, join and participate in relevant groups on Goodreads, and to take to look at all the opportunties offered in the Goodreads author program.

More information here:

Jim Milliot, of Publishers Weekly and PW Select, an advance review service spoke next.  Publishers Weekly is a 135 year old book trade magazine, now available on line as well at and also via the blog PWxyz.  The magazine and PW Select still prefers print galleys to e-galleys, and needs them three to four months in advance of publication date.  Their reviews are seen by the book trade including CEOs at companies such as Random House and Barnes & Noble, agents, distributors, librarians, media and more.   PW Select is a four times a year self-published book announcement issue.  For a fee of $149.00 you receive a listing guaranteed, and 25 to 30% chance of receiving a review.  You are not guaranteed a good review though.  They are in the process of becoming more flexible about the lead time necessary for review recognizing the changes in the book printing and production process and plans are in progress to begin reviewing e-galleys in the future.  Another benefit of PW Select reviews are that their reviews are licensed to 30 licensees and carried by them on their sites, including Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Apple and more.  In the future, they will be reviewing more eBook originals as well. The price of the PW Select listing also includes a six-month digital subscription to Publishers Weekly, and you’ll receive a print copy of the PW Select issue that features your book.

More information here:

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"Fifty Shades of Grey" Publisher to Keynote at uPublishU at BookExpo America

Contact: Susannah Greenberg,
Susannah Greenberg Public Relations,
 (646) 801-7477,

Jenny Pedroza of The Writer's Coffee Shop, Original Publisher of "Fifty Shades of Grey"

Jenny Pedroza, 
Discoverer of Bestselling Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy, 
to Keynote at uPublishU at BookExpo America

(New York, NY, Sunday, June 3,  2012)

As the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon impact is being felt throughout the book industry, BookexpoAmerica is launching a day of education devoted to self-published authors called uPublishU at the Javits Center in New York City.  The keynote address will be given by the discoverer of the best selling,  Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, Jenny Pedroza. The book was born out of the self-published eBook boom and may very well be pointing the way to a new publishing model for the entire book industry.

The  Fifty Shades of Grey erotic book trilogy by E.L. James, is now possibly the best selling book of all modern publishing. The trilogy was recently reported in Publishers Weekly to have sold over 10 million copies and to constitute 25% of the adult fiction market in the last few weeks.

And who is behind this publishing juggernaut? According to Christopher Kenneally of the Copyright Clearance Center,  this editorial miracle maker "is a third grade teacher named Jenny Pedroza from Mansfield, Texas, about to leave teaching and then step onto a plane to BookExpo America on Sunday June 3rd, to speak a uPublishU.  She is one of the founders of The Writer's Coffee Shop, the original publisher of the trilogy before Random House took it over.  She had no publishing background but was a writer of fan fiction.  She and the other founders of The Writer's Coffee Shop, an online reading and writing community, discovered and decided to go after E.L. James and publish her, so that others could enjoy her work.  Now Pedroza will be quitting teaching third grade because of the success of Fifty Shades of Grey."

Kenneally will be introducing Ms. Pedroza when she gives the keynote address at uPublishU and he will moderate the panel that follows.

"The self-publishing world is proving to be fertile ground for growing the next generation of blockbuster writers, a win-win situation for all involved," adds Kenneally.

Says Pedroza of her success:

"It should be a joy to big publishing houses and the book industry, too, that though we don't yet know the exact shape of the changes to come in this business, the love of reading has in fact been increased by eBooks and social media, and that the readers are out there."

"Fifty Shades of Grey's success combines the strengths of self-publishing, women's fiction,  eBooks, and social media for a winning formula.  This is great news for the book world, as it strives to adapt as fast as it can to digital change, and great news for aspiring authors as well"  observes Susannah Greenberg, of Susannah Greenberg Public Relations,  a veteran independent book publicist also slated to speak at uPublishU on a panel entitled Building The Buzz For Books—The New Book Publicity along with Jim Milliot of Publishers Weekly, the leading book industry magazine and PWxyz a reviews outlet for self-published books, and Patrick Brown of the social reading site Goodreads, a booster of self-published books through reader reviews.

BookExpo America has long been the annual signature event of the bookselling industry where the fall line up of books is showcased by book publishers to booksellers.  But as times change, with the digital revolution, eBooks, and the explosion of the self-publishing industry it engenders, Bookexpo America is evolving to recognize changes in the industry by expanding its educational events across the board in all aspects of the industry but especially the self-publishing world with the launch of its new day of education, uPublishU at BookExpo America.

Successful self-published authors Darcie Chan, of The Mill River Recluse; Brittany Geragotelis, of Life's a Witch; C.S. Marks, of the Elfhunter trilogy; and Theresa Ragan, of Return of the Rose will will all speak at uPublishU as well.

Greenberg's panel at uPublishU, "Building the Buzz for Books," points to another phenomenon supporting the tremendous tripartite boom of self-publishing, eBooks and women's fiction, which is the recent birth of new ways to build the buzz for books, especially social media.  Social media and reader reviews are becoming more important as traditional book reviews in print outlets such as magazines and newspapers are shrinking and disappearing, while social reading sites like Goodreads grow larger every day.  Goodreads has 7.3 million members, more than 100 million page views and 15 million unique visitors a month. It is a US Top 150 site, the 10th largest social networking site and growing. It is the world's largest site for readers and book recommendations.

"As the self-publishing world expands, discoverability amongst the thousands of self-published books out there, is a challenge.  Goodreads, with its vast community of readers and PWxyz with its book industry clout,  are critical bellwethers to readers and others in the industry that a new book is attention worthy, " says Greenberg, pointing out that Fifty Shades of Grey success was helped by the 11,000 plus readers reviews on Goodreads and that even more recently, a new women's erotica book is breaking through,  Bared to You by Sylvia Day and its ascent is assisted by the over 2800 ratings of it that have been posted in less than two months on Goodreads.

Says Greenberg about how the digital revolution has changed the practice of book publicity for  her, "Book publicity has been virtually transformed in the last five years both by the increase in the number of self-published authors I represent and the ways in which I can now publicize their books. Before eBooks and social media, I was loathe to take on self-published authors because of the obstacles of book distribution issues and the unwillingness of mainstream media to cover books which are self-published.  But eBooks and social media have changed all that.  And I think that the leadership at BookExpo America are to be commended for their vision, for recognizing that change has come, that self-publishing now has a seat at the table, and that with the launch of the uPublishU event, BookExpo America is working to educate the book industry and authors alike to work together for the success of all."


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Greenberg to Speak at uPublishU:


For further information, please contact:
Susannah Greenberg, Susannah Greenberg Public Relations,
(646) 801-7477,

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Digital Marketing and PR for Books Panel Post-Script

From left, Susannah Greenberg, Lydia Hirt, Kelly Leonard, Iris Blasi.
Photo: Sandra Pike

March 29, 2012, New York, NY.  Gabe Habash of Publishers Weekly reported on the panel Digital Marketing and PR for Books: Driving Buzz and Sales organized by Susannah Greenberg of Susannah Greenberg Public Relations for the Women's National Book Association of New York City with panelists Iris Blasi of Hilsinger-Mendelson, Lydia Hirt of Penguin, and Kelly Leonard of Hachette Book Group.

A web cast of the entire event can be viewed here:

More choice snippets of commentary by the panelists can be gleaned from Twitter by searching for #wnbanyc.

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Goodreads' Community Manager to Be Interviewed on Book Buzz with Susannah Greenberg

Patrick Brown

Wednesay, March 28, 2012 at 2:00PMEDT the Blog Talk Radio show Book Buzz with Susannah Greenberg of  Susannah Greenberg Public Relations, a book publicity firm, interviews Patrick Brown, the Community Manager and Author Program Manager at Goodreads.

Goodreads is the world's largest site for readers and book recommendations. At Goodreads, Brown is responsible for running the Author Program, which features more than 35,000 authors, as well as growing the Goodreads community.
Before coming to Goodreads, Patrick was an independent bookseller, working at Book Soup and Vroman's Bookstore. He has spoken about books, publishing, and online marketing at BookNet Canada, the 140 Characters Conference, and the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. 

Goodreads has 7.3 million members, more than 100 million page views and 15 million unique visitors a month. It is a US Top 150 site, the 10th largest social networking site and growing. 

Brown will speak on an educational panel for self-published authors at the largest book trade convention in the US, Bookexpoamerica, in June  2012, along with Susannah Greenberg and Jim Milliot of Publishers Weekly Selects. Read more about the panel here

Learn more about Goodreads when you hear this show.

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Panel Event 'Digital Marketing & PR in Book Publishing'

The Women's National Book Association

 of New York City 

to Present Educational Panel Event:

Digital Marketing and PR

in Book Publishing:

Driving Buzz and Sales

Thursday, March 29, 2012 at 12:30 PM EDT.
Check-in at 12:15 PM.  
Hachette Atrium, 237 Park Avenue, 13th Floor.  Enter @ Lexington between 45th and 46th Streets.
This event is free, but advance registration is required by March 28. Only those who register in advance will be admitted.

With Panelists:
Kelly Leonard - VP, Executive Director Web Strategies,
Hachette Book Group
Iris Blasi - Digital Media Manager, Hilsinger Mendelson East
Lydia Hirt - Marketing Manager, G.P. Putnam's Sons/Riverhead
Moderated by Susannah Greenberg, WNBA-NYC's Publicity Chair, and President of Susannah Greenberg Public Relations.
There will be a dynamic discussion with the audience, so please bring questions or send your questions in advance to Susannah at

Can't get there in person? Watch live streaming online at:

No registration is necessary to watch live streaming online.

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Susannah Greenberg to Speak at uPublishU at Bookexpoamerica

Susannah Greenberg of Susannah Greenberg Public Relations, a book publicity firm in New York, will speak at uPublishU, a new educational arm of Bookexpoamerica, the largest trade show in the book industry in the United States, on Sunday, June 3, 2012 at the Javits Center in New York, NY. uPublishU was created to address the huge growth in self-publishing spawned by the digital revolution and the social web.

Greenberg is both organizer and speaker for the session "Building the Buzz for Books: The New Book Publicity." Greenberg will speak about the elements of the new book publicity and how to get great publicity for books, both print and eBooks, including advice on meeting the special challenges facing the self-published author; from creating strategies and goals, to writing a great pitch to the media, to building a web presence and community online, to figuring out how to reach top journalists, producers and bloggers.

Discoverability and credibility are keys for success for the self-published author and her book. They can be built if you know how, says Greenberg, and I will speak to exactly how one goes about building them, and building the buzz.
Greenberg has enlisted Publishers Weekly Editorial Director Jim Milliot to be a part of the session and Milliot will offer his insights on book publicity and speak about the special new section of the venerable book trade magazine PW which is devoted to self-publishing called PW Selects.Publishers Weekly has been the publication of record for the book trade since 1872 and reaches publishers, booksellers, librarians, agents, and media.

Publishers Weekly is a bellwether publication looked to by media for indications of what the big books are going to be and what books they need to pay attention to. And the PW reputation is golden with the media.  Authors in PW Selects will benefit from PW's longstanding relationship with general consumer media, says Greenberg
Greenberg has also drafted Patrick Brown, Community Manager of  Goodreads who will speak about opportunities for authors to build community and reach readers on his site. Goodreads is a social reading site with 7.3 million members, more than 100 million pageviews and 15 million unique visitors a month.

Building your community online will help build the buzz and reach readers. Goodreads has the distinct benefit of being a community solely devoted to avid book readers and the ability for the author to target niche communities of readers within who are most likely to be interested in a particular book, a marvelous benefit of specificity which the net, and Goodreads in particular, brings to book marketing and publicity, says Greenberg.

I'm delighted and honored to have been invited to participate in uPublishU, an exciting new program designed especially for self-published authors' benefit. If authors are given the right tools and an understanding of the book business, they can speed up the learning curve and successfully publish their books.  I think uPublishU will give them the tools to do the job

Registration for the all new uPublishU at Bookexpoamerica 2012 is open:
Register Online Now for uPublishU at BEA 2012. Your uPublishU at BEA registration includes a boxed lunch during the conference and a 1-day pass to BEA on Thursday, June 7.